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A Day in the Life of an EMT...
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A Child in the Wheel well...

Every EMT's shift begins with the "Truck Check"...where each piece of equipment is inspected and readied for use on that particular shift. Every door & compartment is opened, supplies are counted and stocked, lights, sirens, radios are tested to be ready to go when the tone goes off.

Of course the biggest piece of equipment is the ambulance itself. And one of the safest ways to begin a shift is to do the "Walkaround". We never want to be surprised by anything as we leave for a call.

*   *   *   *   *
A crew working for a utility company found this child while conducting a "Circle of Safety" inspection of their truck. It's hard to imagine what would have happened if they had jumped in the truck and driven off.

Every business and every individual should adopt the policy of a walkaround inspection of any vehicle before it is driven. There have been many cases of cats, for example, crawling up into the warm spaces under the engine and into the wheel wells during cold weather.

Clearly this eye-opening, bone chilling picture is unforgettable. Please share this message with family and friends.

Please consider calling us and discussing CPR or First Aid classes for individuals, couples, entire families or community groups. We can come to your home and teach there or you can come to one of our Community CPR classes. We teach any day of the week, any time of the day. It's three hours that you won't ever regret spending. We know how well CPR works...let us show you.

Please call, text or email to speak with us about anything. CPR: You never know when you'll need it.




A Day in the Life of an EMT...

The dispatch call went out for a “seven-day old female not breathing”... a parent’s worst nightmare...and an EMT’s. We were the Duty Crew that night and were at the Station at the time the tone sounded so the response time was excellent; we were on-scene within two minutes. Those were two of the longest minutes in our careers but shorter, no doubt, than for the parents waiting for our ambulance to get there. The equipment was readied and checklists checked even as we left the Station...we spoke out loud about what we were going to do, depending on what we found, reinforcing the confidence in our knowledge and skills as we drove to the address.

Upon our arrival we exited the ambulance and ran up the front walk carrying bags and equipment. Hard knocking, long seconds waiting for a response from inside; we could hear nothing. The door finally opened and we burst into the living room, hearts pounding with anticipation...........

*   *   *   *   *

We were greeted by a young woman standing there holding a perfectly pink baby girl, rocking her quietly in her arms. We could hear the baby’s breathing as we actually held our own breaths. Thought: “There must be a twin in another room, not breathing”. Asked: “Where’s our patient”?


“Well,” said Mom, “I was feeding her and she suddenly started to gag and began to turn blue”. Mom described how she was making horrible sounds but wasn’t breathing. She was flailing her arms and legs. “I didn’t know what to do and screamed for my husband, who came running in from the kitchen.” He turned her upside down, held her by the feet and slapped her on the back. After several attempts, mucus drained from her mouth and she gagged again but began gasping, then crying. Crying is the best thing you can hear in a situation like that!


Turns out he had taken a CPR/First Aid class ten years prior and remembered enough of what was taught to accomplish what needed to be done. It sure wasn’t “by-the-book” but he had learned the basic concepts and more importantly learned he had the confidence to act quickly and to think clearly. Of course, intuitive parental instinct kicked in too! In any case, he probably saved his daughter’s life that night.


As for the ambulance crew, we woke the baby and checked and monitored her vital signs and breathing as we do. Then we all sat around the living room for a good half hour talking about what had happened while we kept a close eye on the baby as she happily went back to sleep.


All parents need to enroll in a CPR class which includes clearing blocked airways for all ages in addition to the resuscitative skills needed to save those whose hearts are not pumping blood. We commonly hear, “I took CPR a long time ago” or “I’ve had CPR”...that’s great. But, most don’t know that CPR HAS CHANGED in ways that hugely increases the survival rate for Cardiac Arrest victims. And yes, Cardiac Arrest DOES happen to all ages. And, the recertification cycle gives people the chance to reinforce their skills every two years...a very necessary part of the training. Equally important is the mental and emotional training that is taken from a good CPR or First Aid class giving the parent the confidence to act in a life threatening emergency.


Please consider calling us and discussing CPR classes for individuals, couples, entire families or community groups. We can come to your home and teach there or you can come to one of our Community CPR classes. We teach any day of the week, any time of the day.  Its three hours that you won’t ever regret spending. We know how well CPR works...let us show you.


Please call, text or email to speak with us. CPR: You never know when you’ll need it.


Doug       860-304-8471

Colleen 860-391-3779

Sudden Cardiac Arrest DOES indeed happen to children...

CPR Has changed....

Parents should know what to do if their child suddenly collapses and becomes unresponsive. If a child becomes unresponsive, the proper sequence of actions for a rescuer includes performing about one minute of CPR, then dialing 9-1-1 (“CPR first, phone fast”). The reason for this is that most children who suffer cardiopulmonary arrest have breathing problems rather than something wrong with their hearts and need prompt rescue breathing along with the other steps of CPR.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest does not have to result in "sudden death." With the initiation of high-quality CPR and the application of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) an SCA victim has an amazingly good chance of survival…as high as nearly 80%.

We are available to teach or speak at your place of business or your home and can schedule a class at your convenience for as few as two people. We are local working EMTs and professional EMS Instructors who can show you exactly how to make a real difference.

The value of knowing these skills is immeasurable. Please consider learning these important skills and the newest proven ways to truly save people’s lives.

For more information or to schedule or register for a class, please visit our website at www.training-cpr-first-aid.com, email us directly at csed911@aol.com or call or text 860-304-8471.

Thank you for your consideration and for your interest in saving a life.


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